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Sunday 29th July 2012

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus said to Philip: ‘Where can we buy some food for these people to eat?’ In spite of all the riches of our world, countless people die each year of starvation. We can feel totally helpless in the face of this and as a result we ignore it. Generosity is one of the great virtues of our people over the generations and is one that we need to practice in a special way today. But there are other hungers that we can do even more about and Jesus is calling on us to attend to these also. One of the greatest human hungers is for love and affection. This may be in our own close relationships of marriage and family life. There is also the hunger in so many people in our community today for someone to look out for them. That is a must if we are to be a true community of faith.

Fr. Johnny Doherty, C.Ss.R.

Sunday, 29th July 2012 - 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Reading: Kings 4:42-44
The prophet Elisha speaks God’s promise that the people
will eat and have some left over.

Second Reading: Ephesians 4:1-6
Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit.

Gospel: John 6:1-15
Jesus feeds the five thousand from five loaves and two fish;
with more remaining.


In these seventeen days there will be moments of high drama, despair and exhilaration as the world’s finest athletes compete for gold in the Olympic Games Sport can teach us much about life for here humanity shines at its most beautiful and best. It goes way beyond competitions. Just wait and see the commitment, daring and character on display in the Paralympic Games.

There is a spirituality of sport. The human body is Temple of the Spirit. Without sacrifice, discipline and self-control, sport, and indeed life in general, can end in disaster. In sport, good habits or skills have to become automatic muscle memory. Sport reminds us of the value of faith in oneself.

Tasting success or learning from failure generates joy for everyone who accepts that God is an appreciative spectator- no matter if medals are won or not .Sportsmen and women do well to bear in mind the challenge of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, [spelled out, I am told, above the players’ entrance to the Centre Court at Wimbledon]: “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same”. St Paul says ‘ I have run the good race and fought the goods fight’ he does not say if he has won – only that he did his best and that is all God expects from you and me.

Sport funnels aggression away from conflict into competition. It answers questions of identity such as ‘Who am I?’’ and ‘’ To whom do I belong?’ ’Belonging, being bonded together, whether in a local team or in representing one’s country, furnishes a sense of identity .There is a natural pride in representing your people whether at parish, county or national level.

May these Olympic Games promote peace among the nations and satisfy our yearning for spiritual communion between people from every part of our global city, Earth.


FIRST FRIDAY - Friday is the first Friday of August The sick in Hazelbank, Lindenwood Park and Templegrove will be visited on Thursday and Friday. There will be a Holy Hour on Thursday from 7.45-8.45pm


NEXT BAPTISM dates 4th & 18th August



Vigil Mass Brendan Ferris
Donal Dunne Mark Mc Chrystal,
Peter King Ella McCallion

9.30am Sheila Dunne
Kathleen Cullen

11.00 am Neil Barr, Jackie Knox
Frank & Sheila Keogh,

12. 30 p.m. Ann Heaney

Gerry Mc Monagle, Fidelma Coyle Majella Heaney


Vigil Mass Myra Merrigan

9.30am Michael Roddy

11.00am Edel Keogh, Luke Keogh

12.30pm Marcella Patterson, Louise McCloskey


SUNDAY COLLECTION 22nd July amounted to

£1739.86 and €123.10 - Thank You.



We pray for

Hugh Davis, Elizabeth Collins, Tommy White,

Joe McCullagh, Jack McGeady,

Sarah Quinn, Maureen Brown


EXPOSITION and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will continue this Tuesday, after10am Mass until 7.15 pm.

Blessed Alexandrina Mass in her honour of will take place in Termonbacca, next Sunday at 7.30p.m.

SPIRITUAL BOOKS SWAP SCHEME now open in the side porch.

Fr Neal Carlin will conduct a short Healing Service and Blessing for all who wish to participate in a guided tour of the Celtic Peace Garden and lunch on 1st August and 22nd August. Music, memories and laughter with Tracey McRory and Dinny McLaughlin. Donation €10/£8 Booking is essential. Tel IOSAS Centre 00353 7493 84866

BHCP collection outside the church grounds on 11/12th August. to help with the summer Festival which runs from 15th-19th August. Family Fun day on 19th August at Ringfort Rd.

BINGO BUS - The Galliagh Bingo is running a bus service to Bingo in St. Joseph’s Parish Centre, Galliagh, which starts at 9.00 pm. Anyone wanting to use this service must be at Ballymac Stores before 8.30pm, as the bus must keep to schedule. cost for a return ticket is £2. A member of the Bingo Staff will collect the £2 fare. For information, tel. 07526471907 or 078 03320379, email


RED CROSS are looking for volunteers to care for people in your local community? Contact Colleen Dall at 71865151 or 07921067233

Good Morning Northwest is looking for volunteers to make daily calls to the elderly and vulnerable adults in the Derry area. tel Shauna at 71353694 or call at 82a Brookdale Park

FOUND sum of money at the main door of the church. Owner contact parochial house.

YOUTH 2000 SUMMER FESTIVAL - Clonmacnois 9th-12th August. All 16-35 years old welcome. The festival has been nicknamed ‘Holy Oxygen’ Donation only. Book on line at

Gam-Anon - support group for family and friends living with a compulsive gambler. Phone 07928741788

Questions about Dementia? The Alzheimer's Society Community Road Show will be visiting Tesco Lisnagelvin on Thursday and Friday, 2nd and 3rd of August from 10.00am - 4.00pm Visit us to receive free information about dementia and support.

LOUGH DERG The traditional 3-day pilgrimage season continues until Wednesday 15th August. For further information (+353) 71 98 61518 or



Do not let yourselves be guided by the spirit of self indulgence.
Look at the legacy self-indulgence produces;
Bad temper, fighting, jealousy, cruelty, meanness, revenge,
fornication, idolatry and drunkenness.
Theses are ugly things, and make life miserable.

Rather let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit of God.
Look at the legacy the Spirit brings:
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, and self-control.
These are beautiful things, and make life joyful.
They are a foretaste of the joy of heaven.

‘Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on us.’



The use of photography and video is an issue of great concern among those working with children. The Diocese recognises that every parish has their own arrangements in relation to its use in schools, youth groups and for the sacraments however the guidelines have been devised below to aid parishes and diocesan groups:

it is always good practice to seek written permission from a parent or guardian before taking any photographs or video footage of children. This written permission must be sought from the parent/guardian or the person who owns the photograph before it can be displayed on promotional materials or websites. This can be incorporated in the registration form when a child joins a group (template permission Resource 10);

• neither names nor any personal information should be displayed alongside any photographs;

• special consideration should be given where taking photographs or video footage might be misinterpreted, or the images could be seen as provocative (e.g. beach trip or gymnastics display etc). It is not to say, however, that with the right planning, these events cannot be recorded and enjoyed.

Photography and video recording are important methods of recording social activity and providing an historic record – illustrating and validating important moments in people’s lives. This process is a powerful and personal one, and therefore, we must respect the rights of everyone to make the choice whether or not to be photographed.


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